We love colors, and we want you to experience them to the fullest — IN YOUR VERY OWN BROWSER! We were initially motivated to create this tool to help people with color blindness or other conditions have a more accessible web browsing experience. We did some research on things that exist already and saw that we could expand our extension so anyone could use it to customize their browser just for fun!

How it works

The user installs a Chrome plugin, and can choose a color to change from and a color to change to, as well as thresholds for each of the colors. Then, the colors of the image and content on the page will change! This allows careful customization of the colors of both the content and image on a website to match user preferences.

Challenges we ran into

Asynchronism, callback hell, Chrome security, content scripts, local storage vs. page storage, GitHub, brackets and braces, etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned

Do not use the GitHub GUI because you may overwrite previous commits. Chrome extension APIs and message passing is hard.

What's next for ColorSchemed

Get popup window working with updating page, adding a colorblind mode(s), creating a more user-friendly interface and options page, fine tuning our code, the ability to save color schemes for certain websites, AND MORE!

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