We witnessed how the healthcare professionals, emergency doctors, the infrastructure providers and the patients and their families are under tremendous stress due to upsurge in the number of cases. We are inspired to design solutions to help improve visibility of potential cases based on early stage symptoms being reported at the call center. We also aim to provide effective prioritisation to patients requiring emergency care. Essentially, we are looking to make the system smarter by deploying simple tweaks in the current process.

Underlining all of this is our zeal to be able to save lives during this crisis and that is what is driving us.

What it does

Color coding of patients based on the corona stage. On a first call to the medical helpline, the doctor or nurse attending the call analyzes symptoms and assigns a color to the patient. On second call to the helpline, color based call routing happens, the patient with severe intensity is prioritized or put to a queue with more expert care.

How we built it

The solution was built based on insights developed by speaking to patients, medical helpline company in Sweden, Emergency doctors and other stakeholders. We discussed the current information flow and identified the bottlenecks which prevent any actionable insights . The solution was discussed with the helpline and they are willing to apply it. This is a simple process improvement, with significant benefits to all the stakeholders

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Colors_of_Corona is a solution which will be helpful for handling healthcare situations beyond Covid . We are proud to have developed an effective information management and prioritisation solution, which has the potential to save lives during Covid and also beyond that.

What we learned

What's next for Colors_of_Corona

Next step for Colors_of_Corona is to rapidly align the solution with the stakeholders and implement a pilot. Extend the solution to other regions and countries basis the pilot

Built With

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