Sudden Upsurge of corona Patients to the Emergency rooms. Emergency doctors are worried about resource allocation and their lives too. They want to control at early spread, so that they are not overburdened and also stressed for their lives too. Patients / trauma , stress, and panic is severe and also had lead to a suicide in Sweden. If early medical helpline care, prioritizes patients based on corona severity rather than the same queue for all the patients, then early care to the patients, can help solve the problems above

What it does

Color coding of patients based on the corona stage. On a first call to the medical helpline, the doctor or nurse attending the call analyzes symptoms and assigns a color to the patient. On second call to the helpline, color based call routing happens, the patient with severe intensity is prioritized or put to a queue with more expert care.

How we built it

We discussed this solution with a medical helpline in sweden , they were willing to apply it. It is a simple tweek in the workflow. But the data it gives can be used by many stakeholders

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Colors of Corona

Built With

  • workflow
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