Short pitch (3 sentences. Criteria: Realisability, Benefit for society, Scalability, Comprehensibility. Color coding patients based on the stages of Corona helps in optimizing call center prioritization to provide better health care support at the early stages of corona infection. This, in turn, helps reduce the sudden upsurge of patients with high severity landing in Emergency rooms and helps reduce the panic in patients. The Analysis of this data has manifold implications.

Problem description Please describe the problem you are trying to solve as precisely as possible. What problem has COVID-19 caused and how does it affect your target group?. (Criteria: Benefit for society, Scalability, Comprehensibility.)

Problem: Emergency rooms are overburdened with the sudden upsurge of patients. Early medical advice and care can reduce the burden. With Covid19 the Panic has been increased in people due to which medical support providers are burdened with the incoming requests. All patients, Panic callers and patients with severe corona symptoms have the same medical helpline (ex 1177), and put to the same queue where there is no differentiation resulting in the delay of support to the most severe patients.


How do we address the concern of providing better health care support at the early stages?

Benefits Reduce Sudden upsurge of patients to Emergency Rooms Reduce the burden on the helpline to assign effective patient treatment when resources are insufficient Reduce Panic, trauma, and stress in patients, that might even lead to suicides.


As vårdguiden is the only medical health center, it is easy to coordinate the workflow. This solution is highly scalable, in Sweden and any other country.


The Solution is a small addition of a color-coding system and adding call based routing to the existing workflow.

Current Scenario The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the Swedish health care system reaching a new level of capacity needs. On Vårdguiden ( the patients are requested to call the medical helpline in case they have any questions, concerns or feel unwell. Region Stockholm,, has also released a self-service test for the patient to get a self-report on how they should act based on the self-service test result. Vårdguiden also instructs to call the medical helpline to get advice before going to any hospital or any district health care center. This means that Vårdguiden 1177 only has a single contact point, regardless of the urgency or severity of the purpose the patient is calling for.

When the patient is calling 1177, the call gets routed to the medical helpline that is operating for the county the patient is calling from. Sweden is divided into 21 counties, which means that each county could have one or many medical helplines, third party providers.

Medhelp (Vårdguiden medical helpline for region Stockholm) already do some categorization of the incoming calls;

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