ColorPattern is an augmented reality application that can be used by colorblind individuals to better understand the world around them. The key difference between ColorPattern and other, existing augmented reality colorblindness solutions is that ColorPattern is the first such app that is lossless. What this means is that the user only gains information, losing nothing. For example, the prevailing method of showing colorblind individuals that a color is one which they cannot recognize is to hue shift that color to another color (so green might become pink). While this works great on paper, in practice, it means that any objects that are the same hue as the color shifted too loose their meaning: if you have a pink ball and a green ball, and make the green ball pink, you still don't know the difference between the two.

The end goal would be to have this app and/or its methodologies embedded within wearable tech such as Google Glass (which is not yet powerful enough to support the computation needed for this project).

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