Everyone wants to look like a star from the magazine. But finding clothes that suits you isn't an easy task... It takes a lot of practice to match them with your outlook, however there're agencies that offer you such service. So, it takes your money and time. Well, not anymore!

What it does

Have you ever heard about color types? It's an idea that every person on the planet Earth can be divided in 4 different categories: summer, spring, autumn and winter. Each of this categories can be described by colors palette

The workflow is pretty straightforward:

  • Upload selfie
  • Image analysis: eyes, skin, hair detection and color recognition
  • Match color palette with user
  • Find clothes using modified Zalando API for specific palette
  • Form perfect sets (top, bottom, outwear and shoes) for creating unique appearance

What we learned

We came to this competition as a rather well-formed team but ended it as a better and stronger team. Also as we mentioned before we've learned a lot about image processing and it's possibilities.

What's next for ColorMe

  • Increase integration with Zalando API
  • Create Android application
  • Improve image processing part of algorithm
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