Whats New In The Update

I have added a lot of new features in the game. I divided the game into two parts. Draw & Learn
In Draw Children can draw or colour pics.The new mode I added is learn mode in this I added Abc And 123.This will help children to learn them with great fun, I also added the Volume Mute System. You can mute the volume of game with one tap. UI Design Updated......I added the Tutorial which will be shown when you play the game first time.It will greatly help to know about the game.


I love kids.So,I make this drawing game for them.Not inspired by someone,Its my own Creativity.This will help kids to learn something new.

What it does

This game is specially designed for kids.Kids will fell in love with this game.This game is basically a Drawing Game in which two basic modes are added one is Coloring and second Is Drawing Mode.In this game you will use different tools to draw and color pictures.There are 17 pics that can be colored.There are many tools in the Tool Section , Which are Pencil Tool,Crayon Colors, Brush Tool, Glitter Tool, Paint Bucket,Rainbow Pencil, Hand Tool And Eraser. There are many other Features like Zoom-in ,Zoom-out,Fit to screen And Screenshot Function. You can draw what you want.This game will help kids to increase their creativity and IQ level.

How I built it

After a lot of hard work,I succeed in making this amazing game for the kids.There was a problems in the glitter function but I worked about 37 Hours to solve this .

The main software used in making this game is Unity , And scripts are written in C#

Facebook Products

To make this game Facebook friendly, I have integrated Facebook Ads in this game to make this game more interesting and enjoyable.

Challenges I ran into

The challenges I faced in making this game is that there are some features in this game which are very difficult to add and there are no tutorial present on internet.I am a beginner in game development. I am pretty sure that this game will eventually come to real world in the near future. I really proud of what we achieve so far!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The Glitter Function and Rainbow Pencil that i added is really a great accomplishment that I'm proud of.I gave too much my time to add these features.I feel proud that I have created my second HTML5 game which is now on the way.My first HTML5 game was ShooterMax Which is also a submission in this contest.

What I learned

I learned a lot a things from this project . Lovely Project, I love this game personally.Facebook is a great Platform to interact with others. There are many things that I learned For example sticking For long time into something will give you better reward.

What's next for ColorMax

I thought that if I have time to modify this I will add In-game coins, In-app purchases, coloring points, new drawing designs, new paining tools, and add a multiplayer drawing to it. I will add Artificial Intelligence to it so he tell that who wins in the Multiplayer battle.

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