I was inspired when I went to Home Depot and saw the wall of paint chips. It was too daunting for any one person to figure out what colors match with others. People need a way to create beautiful, color-coordinated rooms, without the need to pay an expensive interior designer.

Target User

The target user for ColorMatch+ is your average person who would like to paint or decorate a room. Using ColorMatch+ and a NODE+Chroma, they can have a cheaper alternative to an interior designer, and also the satisfaction of doing it themselves.

Of course, interior designers are still welcome to use ColorMatch+ to help make their jobs easier and find new inspiration as well.

Key Features That Make Us Proud

Just integrating with the NODE+Chroma was a crowning achievement. The Android SDK and documentation was a definite help, but we had to tweak the flow of connecting via Bluetooth so we could gracefully handle errors, and ensure the user is treated to a flawless experience with ColorMatch+ and their NODE+Chroma.

Developing the palette search is also a key feature that we are proud to have completed. Watching the app take our scanned color and return many beautiful palettes has impressed everyone who has used ColorMatch+ so far.

Built With

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