Scrolling through Instagram or any other social media sites/apps. We often think about how beautiful this picture is, or it's a super high-dimensional picture. But can a color-deficient person enjoy these sites? Just imagine how it will like for them to enjoy this,

What it does

It's a social media platform specially designed for color efficiently challenge individuals where they can post, chat, and meet up

How we built it

Flutter app on top of video processing libraries. Inspiration was taken from my previous hackathons on one of the projects.

Challenges we ran into

To capture the image matrix and figuring out the math to apply filters especially without logging anything and doing all the processing in real-time was the real challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Even if this project/platform helps a single person it was worth it.

What we learned

To combine flutter with video processing

What's next for Colorize

To make it public and attract real-time users.

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