Recently, I was surfing YouTube when I saw a video by one of my favorite youtubers, GeorgeNotFound. In the video, he plays Minecraft while being able to see all the colors for once as he is normally colorblind. He does this by using a new form of colorblind glasses that uses technology to allow him to see normally blind colors for him. Almost 5 percent of the population has some form of colorblindness and not all of them can afford these new colorblind glasses as they are an experimental technology. I decided that instead, I could give them the nest best thing.

What it does

Colorish is a chrome extension that lets colorblind people use the web while still being able to see all the colors.

How we built it

I built it using Javascript, the chrome extension docs and html/css.

What we learned

  • how to make a chrome extension
  • programming in javascript
  • color manipulation with html/css/js

What's next for Colorish

  • add more colorblind modes
  • create an app that does something similar for your entire phone
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