A few days ago I was checking out the new Steam sale and a ran across a platforming game that looked kind of cool. I didn't buy the game but it made me think about how platformers are a cool thing to do and I could make my own puzzle platformer. I made the setup stage because level design was fairly tedious without it.

What it does

You play in two steps. First, you get to build the level. You do this by dragging colored rectangles into a shape, and placing colored "orbs". Then comes the platformer stage. You get to play on the level you created. The part that makes this game unique is that you can only touch rectangles of the colors you have unlocked. You unlock colors by touching the orbs of that color. If you fall or touch a color you shouldn't have, you start from the beginning. Because this game has two stages, it's a great way for kids to game together and have to think, as they can use it to make difficult and interesting puzzles for each other.

How I built it

I used a JavaScript canvas.

Challenges I ran into

Making it so that you can drag and place blocks in the setup stage was fairly difficult. And the physics took a while to get right.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I made an actual game.

What I learned

Well, now I know how to make a game in JavaScript.

What's next for ColorHero

First, I'm probably going to post it to Facebook so my friends can play it. Maybe if I get inspired I'll do more premade levels or have more options and creativity in the level builder. Also, having more space and scrolling would be cool.

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