I came up with the idea about two years ago and made it better through a few different prototypes. I thought it was ready to become a real website!

What it does

When listening to music, you can open the website on a phone and "dance" via a music visualizer. You can easily stream to another device to display your ColorDJ-ing.

How I built it

I built a navigation framework in javascript using hidden divs as pages. I used node.js to host the website on heroku and set up peerjs for peer to peer connections with minimal latency.

Challenges I ran into

iOS is a major pain to develop for. Especially without a device.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is the first website that I have ever had hosted and with it's own domain name. I have wanted to use this version many times, and I am glad I can.

What I learned

I affirmed that I love software development! I also created my first (basic) web server.

What's next for ColorDJ

living at, streaming on projectors alongside music DJs, additional effects to help teach new users effective technique.

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