• Finding people with a certain profile at big events can be quite challenging - think about team building at the TECHFEST, finding relevant contacts at a trade fair or dating at the Oktoberfest

What it does

  • Finds people with matching profiles in your immediate vicinity
  • When a match is found, both bracelets light up in the SAME color => you should talk to each other!

How I built it

  • Connected a NodeMCU to a band of RGB LEDs
  • Implementation of the matching algorithm with Lua
  • Using WiFi SSID to encode preferences
  • Scanning available SSIDs to identify people with similar interests in your immediate vicinity
  • Hashing profile and nodeID to determine a common RGB color
  • Designed a stylish casing

Challenges I ran into

  • Appropriate and consistent handling of multi-user situations
  • Automatic update of profiles using AWS shadows

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Prototype that works really well looks very stylish

What sets ColorBand apart from similar concepts

  • Once the profile is saved on the device, it actually works indepently of other technology (no WiFi/network access or smartphone required)
  • Wide area of applications: Advanced Speed-Dating, Fast group builing process (Search/Offer), Contact fair – Company job offers for a certain department, ...
  • Fancy design

What's next for ColorBand

  • Loading your profile from LinkedIn, FaceBook, Tinder, ... to the device on the click of a button
  • Creating other designs for different use cases (name tags that light up, pendants, ...)

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