We are a team of woman passionate about creating technologies that impact the social and emotion well-being of children. Let's color together is not just a coloring activity. The goal is to engage with the child so that they feels as though they have someone to color with even if their family is busy.

What it does

The skill presents pictures the child's parent can print out. Once a picture is chosen, Alexa keeps track of how the child colors the picture and presents the final masterpiece at the end. Along the way, Alexa shares a few jokes, riddles, and facts along the way.

How I built it

It was built within the Alexa Developer's Console (ADC) using the Conversations features.

Challenges I ran into

We were able to ramp up and develop a skill within two weeks, while juggling full time lives (i.e, jobs, families). Our entire team was new to developing skills within ADC. We had to become familiar with Skill development and the Conversations feature. This forced us to make a few limiting decision (i.e., not using delegation, creating an Alexa-hosted skill). We were able to identify a few bugs within the system and suggest a few features. One of the aspects that was particularly challenging is that the conversations examples were only written in Node.js, not in Python.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are glad to have an opportunity to develop a skill that gives kids something to engage in that's fun and helps build motor skills.

What I learned

Conversations is a great feature to help minimize the brainpower required to think of every possible scenario that is required when coding.

What's next for Color With Me

We plan to make the skill more engaging by adding Intents and Dialogs, in addition to adding more pictures to color. It's important to us that the Skill promotes reciprocal communication. This reciprocal communication is critical to the emotional intelligence skill development that we consider our mission. So, we plan to capture and reflect different responses from the kids. We'll also be adding some additional testing and additional mediums for how kids might 'color' our pictures (e.g. markers, crayons, pastels).

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