Teaches kids the outcomes of mixing colors

What it does

Tells you what two colors come out to be after mixing them both.

How we built it

Starting of with our console… we first made two variables- which are the two colors the user asks to mix. We made this happened by first making a array list which included all the possible colors the user asks for in the format of a function. Going to the lambda code… this is where we coded our overall outline of the skill. This included slots of Of both the variables which goes through what the user said and puts it into our form of our many responses.

Challenges we ran into

Making it more uncomplicated and complexed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That it ends up working after all this hard work we have done.

What we learned

How fun and easy it is to make a alexa skill.

What's next for Color Mixtures

to add more color mixtures and the ability of mixing multiple color together.

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