Ever since the start of COVID, we have not been able to hangout with our friends as often as we used to. As a means to stay in touch and have fun with our friends we thought what’s a better way than drawing memes and sending them to friends!

What it does

Our product “Color Meme” is a virtual coloring book that allows users to color hand drawn diagrams (memes). The product presents random memes to the user, where the user can color them in.

How we built it

Our product is intended to be a website where users can color in memes with their friends. We developed our site utilizing HTML, CSS, and Javascript. HTML and CSS were used for the front-end design of the program dealing with user interface / user experience. Javascript was used for back-end development; it brought functionality to our canvases, paint brushes, and buttons for the user.

Challenges we ran into

As a pair we didn’t have any general direction, we mainly dove into this project blind with no skill in HTML, Javascript, and CSS. Not knowing much of the language became difficult in the long run because it restricted us to certain functionalities. Additionally, after we came across our short term goals we tended to make larger goals that were too far to reach leading us to a blackhole of problems. Overall, it took time for both of us to adjust through trial and error and I’m glad we were able to pass these roadblocks.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Overall, we were proud to be able to use this product with our friends. The main objective of our product is to laugh and have a creative experience with friends / family. Having a fully functional prototype with random meme generation in the early stages of development brought hope to continue this product. Towards the end development we were proud of the downloadable feature that lets you save your creation so that way you can share them with your friends. Although our Color “Meme” is in a prototype phase, it can be expanded to many specific situations. Color “Meme” has the ability to grow and adapt to other ideas which is something we are proud of.

What we learned

Throughout the hackathon, since we did not know much about the programming languages, having to construct a functioning website taught us the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript. We also learned how to build our first website. In addition we have gained more experience on how to manage group workloads, brainstorming, and designs.

What's next for Color Meme

The next step in expanding our project is to introduce new modes where users can play and interact with their friends in real time. Some of these modes include but are not limited to:

Guess the Meme

  • An interactive game mode where multiple users take turns drawing memes. The users who aren’t drawing try to guess what meme is being drawn.

Caption “Meme”

  • A game mode played in rounds where users first each get a meme to draw. These memes are then randomly distributed to be captioned by the users. The users can then vote on the best drawn and captioned memes


  • Users will each start with their own meme to draw. These memes are then rotated to every user to produce a stop motion animation.

Additionally, once this is achieved the goal would be to expand to mobile platforms. Overall we hope to establish a meme database of user drawn memes that everyone can enjoy.

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