We were inspired to create an equal opportunity online experience that is playable for users of any audience. We specifically targeted it to be available and usable for the motor impaired.

What it does

The goal of the game is to fill the grid with the same color in as few moves as possible. It will comprise of various levels, with varying levels of difficulty: easy (5x5), medium (7x7), hard (12x12), and very hard (20x20).

How I built it

We used Speech API to recognize voice commands as an input rather than requiring the individual to click a smaller button. Various languages and technologies like JavaScript, Babel, CSS, HTML, and Pug were used in tandem to create a user friendly interface that we hosted on GitHub.

Challenges I ran into

Incorporating the Speech API was challenging as it registered a lot of background noise/outside conversations that we didn't want the microphone to pick up. In addition to that, we initially had a hard time making sure that the colors correctly reflected the voice input. These were all new technologies for us, so we had to tackle each problem with no prior experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Everything! We were very proud of the way we were able to creatively combine open source code with our own ideas and material. We had a fun time adding extra features like audio output that would play after successful completion of the game.

What I learned

We learned how to collaboratively use GitHub, incorporate speech API for the first time, and code a working web app.

What's next for Color in Hue

In the future, we will perfect implementing hand gestures as an additional form of input. This is important as it can be used as a form of rehabilitation therapy for motor skills. In addition to that, we hope to have other forms of input as well like a joy stick, or head/facial tracking.

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