We simply wanted to make our first app. Even though its simple, we wanted to create a game that showed what we know currently. I personally didn't know anything about coding with android studio but I learned in those 3 days because I wanted to.

What it does

The main objective is to score as many points without clicking the wrong button or running out of time. There are two buttons, each a different color. Above those boxes is a prompt that says a color; and so, you have to click the right one. However, every time you click one correctly, the timer goes down very slightly, making a more intense game. Also, we tried to trick people by change the color of the prompt. For example the word "Blue" was in red letters and the two buttons were red and blue.

How we built it

We built it on android studio. We used many activities and windows to make the app feel like a professional game.

Challenges we ran into

Not many. There were some logical errors that messed up the code and putting constraints for the buttons caused some buttons to overlap with others.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Just getting it to work. The game may look easy but there are so many steps to get something to work.

What we learned

We learned about android studio, new functionality with it, and how awesome having a team is for a project.

What's next for Color Clicker

We are considering adding more game modes such as casual and arcade modes.

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