We were inspired by one of our teammate's teacher who is colorblind.

What it does

This site is about how you can get your hands on information, and play a game alongside with it. The game tests if you are colorblind or not, and if you are, then which type of colorblind you are.

How we built it

My teamate made the website awesome with a scratch project. I made the website and noted all of the information on Text.

Challenges we ran into

Making the menu was hard for me. My partner found that the "if, then" block is very challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Mking new friends and just making everything together.

What we learned

I learned that you need to use proper punctuation. My partner learned that you can not make a good scratch project without a variable block.

What's next for Color Blind Site

Explain more in detail of what famous colorblind peopel do in their lives. For the Scratch game, we both wanted to extend it on with a story.

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