CRD is a report solution like Jasper Report, Crystal Reports or FastReport, but based on Javascript framework. It can be easily used with any CrossPlatform application.

CRD is an alternative to designers reports in JAVA, this is developed in technologies such as javascript and PHP therefore does not require a Java server to run like other report generators, can be a professional to enterprise reporting and education solution, as it requires accequibles technologies like PHP and javascript available in most web servers.


  • Only requires Javascript to Designer-Side and PHP to collect DB data.
  • The license allows use in commercial and non-commercial projects without paying anything.
  • It is easy to use, since it is similar to other market professionals designers reports.
  • Generate text fields, fields of images, charts, barcodes, Draw primitives(Square, Circle, Lines, etc), among others.
  • Supports all databases supported by JavaScript (Ajax) and PHP.
  • You can use any other server-side language such as Java, Python, Ruby, etc. to generate reports.
  • Conditional printing.
  • Report output in PDF, XML, HTML, CSV, XLS
  • Not dataset limits. (A report with multiple connections)

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