The Covid-19 pandemic has shown the massive problems with providing reliable statistics on data such as total number of conducted tests, infections, severities and fatalities, healthcare capacities, protective gear etc. Weeks after the outbreak started, the number of unreported cases is still in the dark. Applied methodologies, rules and reporting mechanisms differ across countries but also on subnational levels. Health organisations and governments are basing their decisions on different data sources and often questionable data quality.

We are developing a basic concept for a generic solution for coherent citizen health status and healthcare capacities data monitoring to be applied across healthcare organisations, cities, provinces/federal states and countries

What it does

Generic application (mobile & web) connected to a multi-tenant platform with a central cloud-based database, providing the following functionality:

  • Customizable templates for data submission forms to be used by both anonymous and non-anonymous users (citizens, doctors, labs, hospitals, organisations).
  • Reviewing & approval process for submission forms
  • Apps for data submissions
  • APIs for standardized data submission from 3rd party apps
  • Centralized (or distributed? This still seems to be a big political issue) cloud-based collection and aggregation of data submitted by individuals and organisations
  • Geographical data mapping
  • AI based data analysis
  • APIs and data export facilities
  • Community management functionality (to set up, manage and engage community members for specific studies)
  • Communication and collaboration tools for and across organisations and between different levels of organisations
  • Facility to communicate with non-anonymous citizens / patients

How I built it

This project follows the goal to bundle activities from different project teams working on specific concepts and applications which suit as components for the Collytix platform. Information on prototypes will be shared soon.


Challenges I ran into

Looking for team members supporting the conception phase for Collytix (medical/clinical experts, representatives of healthcare organisations & authorities, web&graphics designer, video producer, project manager, requirements engineer, UX designer)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for Collytix

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posted an update

At the moment we are in the stage of conducting research on data collection / reporting practices for different types of data (citizen's health, suspected infections, confirmed infection cases, fatalities, hospital capacities).

Results have shown that many different methods and tools are applied and that a common practise seems to be scraping the relevant data from web pages published by regional administrations. This does not appear to be a reliable method and should be replaced by providing standardised data reporting apps to all entities reporting their data on a daily basis.

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