Collusion is a fun fast paced interactive turn-based game played with three players. The concept is similar to a "Capture the Flag" like game. Depending on the player closest to winning, other players could be working together to overthrow the leader or working against each other with a goal of reaching the center of the game board first. Players who reach the center first can claim their NFT prize.

Each turn player can either:

  • Move own agent 1 space forward or diagonal
  • Place a hidden mine within one of the other player's region
  • Reveal the closest bomb placed in one of the other player's region (if any)


  • At max one bomb per row can be placed.
  • If you hit a bomb, you go back to your last positon and the bomb is revealed to you.
  • If you reveal a bomb to another player, they cant bomb you for one full turn-cycle.
  • If you place a block that already contains a hidden bomb you loose your turn.

Win condition:

  • First player to reach the center wins.


DJ Rosenbaum

Brent Lagerman

Jacob Shiach

Devavrat Kalam

Built With

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