Inspiration [There's a fear factor when it comes to college and when creating this app we wanted to make that process easier.]

Our Solution [Our app addresses scholarships, Sat tips, and also high school tips. We created the app to have a easy to use format available to anyone with a cell phone or tablet.]

Challenges [we ran into a lack of coding skills to begin this project. To overcome this challenge we met with IT experts and they advised us in developing our ideas.]

Accomplishments [that we're proud of is that we finally completed the app after countless hours of determination and sometimes tears. We feel that we came together as a strong team that built leadership skills.]

What [we learned that we can appreciate any app that is put into use because we understand the work and dedication that is goes into any app no matter how powerful the app.

What's next for Collist [we would like to broaden the scope of this app by adding more screens, decrease the lag time, and to work with more school districts to make the user experience more personal.]

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