Students always have their phones. In order to save time and simplify the process of accessing multiple school platforms, I created Collier Mobile. This APP allows students to gather all necessary and valuable school information using one scan of their ID.

What it does

Collier Mobile enables students in Collier County Public Schools to use their mobile device to access important school based information, see their academic progress and receive alerts and notifications from their high school. A student can scan their current school ID barcode which will then pull information from the district and automatically link their school, counselor, grade book, attendance record and any credit denial notifications.

How I built it

I built this app using my years of experience as a web developer and applying those skills into the program of an app. Using the MIT App Inventor 2 and extensions for it created by other developers, formulated this APP. My web developing skills was used to make requests to school and district websites to display the information that is displayed on Collier Mobile.

Challenges I ran into

As a web developer, a lot of debugging is involved to find out how to make the correct requests and where to get it from. That was the biggest challenge of it all, finding the source of the requests to be able to replicate it onto the APP. Finding the correct extensions also was a big challenge so I can execute the functions that were needed to perform an action.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of being able to collect all the information I can using just a barcode and the birthdate of the user. The APP can help people realize how close they are from getting their credit denied by the school because of their attendance record. Tracking the attendance record has my biggest accomplishment on the APP so far.

What I learned

This is year 2 of working on this APP. Originally called Barron Mobile and created to work with one school, Barron Collier High, this APP has been broadened to work for every student in the Collier County Public School District. (48000 students). Current prototype has focused on the high school student, their needs, concerns and preferences. I have learned how to properly use timers and position using the arrangements on MIT App Inventor 2.

What's next for Collier Mobile

Collier Mobile would like to add features that would allow students to create student groups, create and have teachers sign hallway passes and an online version of the school planner.

This APP is a one stop, eco friendly, paperless access every student and school can use.

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