The Caring for the Caregiver hackathon, and the touching testimonials of the hardships experienced by caregivers.

What it does

This is a complete and operational set of resources, documents and instructions for running a national organization and creating local chapters at colleges across America. We are a student run volunteer organization devoted to helping caregivers and their loved ones. We use our technological expertise to create and install personalized smart home device plans leveraging existing products. We provide resources on common use cases that can be customized to caregiver’s needs. Our goal is to give caregivers peace of mind through our continuous support. Through this organization, college students connect with their greater communities and prepare to become caregivers themselves.

How we built it

Twenty four hours of brainstorming, researching, coding and writing.

Challenges we ran into

Identifying liability problems from helping to install health and safety systems.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Constructing the model for an organization which can significantly help to relieve the burden on caregivers struggling to adequately meet the needs of their care recipient. Additionally we are proud that the focus of our project is on maximizing CollHome's longevity and impact, and not on our potential for profit or our viability as a business.

What we learned

That there is significant need for a service or system like CollHome which meets caregivers halfway in order to connect them with tools they need as well as the financial assistance to afford them.

What's next for CollHome

The website is operational and the documents are on the repository, all that is left is to formally construct a national organization which supervises the creation of local chapters. The response from the communities we interact with shows strong support and need for CollHome, and we hope to eventually make it a reality.

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