What it does

CollegeViz is a web based visualization tool that visualizes college data related to mobility from two different sources and helps the user see societal trends in economic opportunity as a result of higher education. For instance, one can see correlations between type of institution, mobility rate from the bottom 20% of income to top 1%, and admission rate.

How we built it

We used pandas to merge and clean the two data sources (one government and one private), and then streamlit and seaborn to visualize it. We then used ngrok to host it on the broader web here.

Challenges we ran into and what we learned

A lot of the data was separate for public and private college, was n/a, or obviously wrong. We had to learn how to create separate data categories and fix data through heuristic measures (for instance, a 1% admission rate is likely inaccurate).

What's next for CollegeViz

Integration of geographic data into the visualization for further context into trends.

Built With

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