CollegeSmarter is a data-aggregation web application that takes data from the web and users to give a picture of the value of individual schools' educations in the United States

The main factor this application takes into account is the financial cost and benefit of attending university. While this app doesn't necessarily make judgments about the cost of universities compared to others, it will stand them right next to each other as a comparison.

CollegeSmarter is tasked to look through tons of data. Because of this, it is not nearly as comprehensive as it could be, although it does provide good analytics. I don't yet consider it completed, but only to be in an MVP state :) Here are some additions I hope to make to the site in the near future.

-A way for users to submit data to the site

-Predicting the cost of loans

-More links on scholarships

-Sources directly available on site

I hope you will send and I welcome suggestions to

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