As a senior in high school, I struggle to find colleges that are tailored to my strengths. I decided to create a tool that would make choosing the right schools hassle-free!

What it does

Locates colleges/universities near a student's current location based on his/her SAT and GPA. Students can edit the range of colleges they are looking for up to 100.0 miles. The user can scroll through an array of recommended colleges, view a certain college's information when it is clicked, and view it on a map. A user creates an account with their email and inputs their test scores directly from registration. They can edit their information within the app.

How we built it

Dependencies Utilized: Java, Android Studio IDE, Firebase Authentication + Storage + Realtime Database, Google Places API, Picasso Image Library, FusedLocationProviderClient

Challenges we ran into

  • Extracting more than one college from return
  • Getting location of institutions directly from API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Creating a clean switching UI to see both the college information and its pinpoint on a map
  • Allowing user to change GPA/SAT and update immediately
  • Implementing a dark mode view for more readability

What's next for CollegeScope

  • Allow user to enter extracurriculars to match colleges more accurately.
  • Favorite colleges and view them on separate page
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