We each had to undergo this process ourselves, and felt that college support was severely lacking.

What it does

It tests whether or not a class at a community college will transfer credit to other colleges.

How we built it

We built a website in HTML and utilized JavaScript to create action boxes to retrieve the user's input, and determine if the user will be able to transfer to the colleges in question with their college credit. Finally, we dressed the site up with CSS.

Challenges we ran into

After some difficulty getting a hold of ISU's department of admission, we were informed that Iowa State has implemented its own solution, generated with the school's data. After much debate our team decided to support multiple colleges simultaneously, for comparing results across several schools.

We also ran into problems establishing a live website. Unfortunately, ISU's network quarantines all sites less than 24 hours old. We circumvented this by utilizing GitHub pages, but this too was quarantined several minutes later. To out chagrin, the original site, is still quarantined, even after more than 24 hours have passed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our simple method of adding or removing target colleges functions well, while remaining user-friendly.

What we learned

Our team members learned firsthand the difficulties and virtues of group projects. As freshmen this year, we each had prior experience in different languages, and none in large projects like the ISU Hackathon. By working together and discussing our plans, we learned about delegation, cooperation, and the virtue of a repository on GitHub! We also - as any group will - experienced difficulties in the group process, but managed to overcome them.

What's next for CollegeCredit

We would like to continue our work with data from multiple schools, and prioritize the user's experience rather than individual college agendas.

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