Senior year is often deemed the most stressful period of a high schooler's life. It's given that title for one reason, and one reason only: college applications. As students navigating this tricky time ourselves, our team understands firsthand the confusion and frustration that accompanies pretty much every step of the process-- especially when it comes to meeting that deadline. Our goal is to make sure future students have a much easier ride through their college applications, and that they are better organized and prepared to take on any challenges they encounter through this particularly scary time.

What It Does serves to motivate students to complete their college applications in a timely and efficient manner. Using their Google account to sign in, students can then input their list of colleges and respective deadlines, which are then stored in a database. Users can also choose to have SMS notifications sent to their phones at regular intervals, which give information about what college applications are due when.

How we built it

We started with the idea of having a web app built on Firebase for easy authentication and database integration. We started with a barebones UI whose main focus was tying together Firebase and Nexmo integration to make sure both worked. We first created a simple login page which used Google Authentication to create a user for the session. We then set up some basic controls to add colleges and update their data / deadlines. With this finished, we created a bot that crawled through our database and sent reminders at the appropriate times.


Some of our biggest problems came when we were trying to stylize the UI towards the end. We had problems with MDL eating our form inputs and being laggy in general, which meant that we had to abandon it in the end. We also could have had better communications between all of our members on who should have been doing what and when they should have been doing it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our team is most proud of successfully setting up the database with Firebase. We are also proud of following through and completing an app within the given time period. Although we did not get to add all of the features we wanted, we were able to add the essential functionalities and finish them.

What we learned

Our team learned how to use Firebase and the Nexmo API.

What's next for

We would like to refine the user interface and add all of those extra features, such as extended control over college lists and including more parts of the application (essay, letters of rec, etc).

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