Many students during college lack social interactions due to everyone having different schedules. Everyone has been in the position where you are free doing homework, eating, or simply just relaxing between classes. This app was designed to highlight matching free schedule blocks within another student.

What it does

As of now, it simply builds a schedule for a student. Students are able to add a course from Monday- Friday and add things like location, professor name etc.

How we built it

Build using HTML/CSS and Javascript DOM

Challenges we ran into

We ran across many javascript DOM issues. Mostly around proper alignment of course added to the schedule

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got a great practice on foundations of Web Development

What we learned

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript DOM

What's next for College Schedule Finder

This project is something we are very passionate about. Ideally we would love to expand this project as a tool students can actually use to make new friends, spend quality time with others between classes etc. The next step for this project is to incorporate making accounts for users and match you with people throughout the school. This way you can make new friends between classes and have filters on things like age, major, gender etc.

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