Finding someone to swap rooms with at college is hard. Every year, many students (especially freshmen) get stuck in dorms they don't want to live in, but end up having to, well, live with it, because they can't find someone who wants to switch with them. With so many students not getting their first choice dorms, it must be conceivable that a few could perform mutual room swaps and both be happy with their new rooms. But out of 10,000 undergraduates, it can be impossible to find someone who actually wants to switch with you. We built this application to make the process of finding mutual swappers easier.

What it does

Takes the dorm you are living in and the dorms you want to live in, and matches you with a student who fits your preferences.

How we built it

Built with Html5, Css3, Bootstrap, JQuery, and Javascript

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a ton of problems joining the front end and the back end. Also had to give up on some more complex css and html things.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting a project done on time.

What we learned

Simplicity does not necessarily mean a less useful application

What's next for College Room Swap

Adding more universities and getting a better UI for when a match is found

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