A lot of college students do not have cars on campus, which can make it hard to get to places like Walmart, Target, or Wegman's. And since the people with cars usually do not have full cars and are going to these places anyway, they may be willing to take other students with them.

What it does

Has users sign in with a username, their phone number and capacity of their car (0 if no cars). It then allows them to register trips they are driving to or join already made trips.

How we built it

Using google-firestore as a database, we built the IOS app using the information stored in the database using swift and xcode. The database allows the information to be synced across all user's devices.

Challenges we ran into

Screen sizes of different IOS devices was a problem, especially because we were testing it on two different size phones. We also ran into issues accessing and writing data to the database. This was tricky at some points.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the data to be synced across multiple devices! Making a somewhat finished first draft of the app -- there is still a ways to go in making it "app-store ready."

What we learned

Hackathons are fun! Teamwork and sharing are important.

What's next for College Ride Share

Better looks and more functionality!

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