We wanted to be a game-changer. We wanted to help peers of ours with our knowledge of programming. Suddenly an idea came upon our minds. Our idea was to help High School Seniors find the perfect college for them. It was just an idea we wanted to put into action to help many high schools in our community

What it does

Our program helps the user pick the college they would like to apply to and have a strong chance of getting in. Our program uses algorithms based on high school GPA, community service, work experience, and grades. After taking all of those inputs in account our program tells the user

How we built it

We used HTML, JAVASCRIPT, and CSS to code our web app. We used an algorithm based on your stats to determine what colleges you should apply for

Challenges we ran into

We were getting undefined variables when we called from our library and finding and fixing those errors took hours away from improving our program.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created an aesthetically pleasing website for our web app, which gives you colleges that you should apply for. We are also proud of finishing our application.

What we learned

We learned about how to work on a schedule and how to manipulate data in javascript. We also improved our skills in collaborative work and various other programming languages

What's next for College Match

We will try to make CollegeMatch application form more visually pleasing and we also would like to make this an Android and IOS app as well as a desktop with python and java. As far as the programming goes, we would like to ass a database of all the colleges in the world so that it is useful for every high school senior. Currently, we have a database for California and Massachusetts

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