We all met at a mobile development camp this July and all realized our passion for cooking! After brainstorming together, we got our idea for College Lunchbox from hearing about the struggles college students face to balance their day with not just school work and jobs, but also maintaining a healthy diet.

What College Lunchbox does

We created College Lunchbox as a resource for college students to easily access a range of healthy recipes which can be easily filtered through by the recipes’ difficulty, price, the appliances the student has available to them and what type of meal the student wants to eat, and provides the student with vegan/ vegetarian options.

How we built College Lunchbox

We built the College Lunchbox website using the following resources: Visual Studio Code and Atom as our editors, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for our syntax, GitHub to collaborate and share the repository.

Challenges we ran into

As most of us are beginners, we were simultaneously learning as we built our project. Molly was working hard on the tables on Recipe page, Caitlyn got new knowledge about CSS, Luna successfully pushed through and created drop-down buttons for Appliances page, and Xenia went through challenges using PHP. Nevertheless, in the end, we all came together to create an awesome project we are proud of.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are all beginners with HTML, CSS, and Javascript so we are very proud of how we created a functional website overnight.

What we learned

We learned how to use HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create a website as some of us had no prior experience in building an entire website from scratch beforehand.

What's next for College Lunchbox

Now that we have created our minimum viable product, we want to:

  • Allow students to search for recipes specific to every column, not just by meal
  • Support member profiles that allow students to share, store, and add recipes and appliances under their account

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