As first-generation low-income students, we understand the importance of education resources. We hope to help more low-income students by raising awareness about educational inequality and providing those students with extensive resources through our website.

Our website has an interactive map that leads to various countries and the resources low-income students can use to gain a higher education in their respective countries.

We used HTML, and Javascript to link together the map and pages, and create pins. We used CSS to design the whole website. We used HTML and CSS to create animation features that encourage students to find out more about these opportunities.

We are beginners in web development, so we only knew the basics and had to do lots of research to understand and execute the attributes like columns, rotating pictures, pins, and the map.

We are proud of creating fun animations like the rotating flag, the infographic, and our introductions. We are proud of our color scheme.

We learned new skills of animation, such as the rotating flag. We also learned to link pins to different pages in a map. we also learned to create columns.

College For You hopes to expand its list of countries and research those countries.

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