The Fundamental Problem

Students nowadays need to open 10,000 different tabs on their browser to search for each college's requirements and prerequisites. On top of that, the College's website itself is impossible to navigate. This becomes an incredible loss of time for the student and he often gets confused at the end either way.

The Solution

Which is why we have decided to create a centralized database that regroups the requirements of every college around the world. The user gets to input their grades and the website can compare their grades with different college requirements. The website then automatically produces an intuitive list of colleges where he is eligible to apply for while also displaying the classes or grades he is missing for the application of other colleges. Like so, College Dashboard hashes out a simple and smart way for students to have an overview of which Colleges they are eligible for, and what they need to work on for others. Moreover, through algorithms, the student can take a quiz to discover where his passions truly lie and then at the end, a list of recommended colleges appear to further help the student on his path towards his College studies.

The Beauty

The beauty of College Dashboard lies in its capability to efficiently compare students' grades with the requirements of different Colleges, so that they can track their progress in their application and have an idea of the potential Colleges they are eligible to apply for.

Our Philosophy

Finding a College and continuing your education in the field you are most passionate about shouldn't be a strenuous time-consuming endeavour that leaves you crying at the end, it should be an intuitive and simple process that allows you to easily hash out a feasible academic path.

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