Your greatest fear of walking to lunch with no one to sit by can never escape you. Not even in college. To increase a friendly social environment, the web application connects you with other users who are looking for a quick and hopefully long lasting social interaction. As freshman, sophomores, and juniors we find that this application applies to our lives every day.

What it does

The web application uses a database to store values of when I user will be eating lunch. Then, based on those given times, the user will be matched with someone in hopes of making a long lasting connection. To connect with one another, a Twilio API is used to connect said user with their CollegeCookie.

How we built it

We used Flask to run our web application which was coded in Python. This server is wired up with the database that we built that stores the user data and the users' lunch schedule and then calculate the overlapping lunch schedule of users. The layout was designed using CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

Challenges we ran into

There were a few formatting issues during this process however, thanks to our back end crew, we were able to fix them. There was a small issue with using AJAX to send the phone number of a user to the back end, however, it was resolved and is working.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Fully integrated front end and back end database and finished important algorithm logic on time.

What we learned

Working together with different languages and skill sets, we took our time to teach one another about what each of us were assigned. Our team started with one member teaching everyone how to use GitHub. Towards the end, we were all successful in our work and understood Databases, API's, and design phase in creating a web application.

What's next for College Cookie

To expand this app, College Cookie can also search people with personal interests/similar studies at their college or be used for office workers. Instead of just lunch times, we can also integrate breakfast and dinner times as well.

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