A lot of solutions are being developed worldwide for the benefit of bottom billion. However, actual adoption of these solutions requires skilled manpower at the grass root level, who understand crypto economy, how it benefits poor, how it can be used by the poor. For this purpose, we need to train students of the engineering colleges in the third world in implementation of blockchain solutions. I tried training students in blockchain in classroom but that is not adequate. We need to build live crypto economy live environment in which these students can get hands-on experience of crypto economy and applications. This will equip them to become implementation experts to help the worlds poor adopt blockchain solutions and improve their lot.

What it does

College Campus Cash is a crypto currency network to support local on-campus community financial transactions as well as other blockchain applications like educational records, health records, market places, student loans, freelancing engagements etc. etc.

How we built it

A two level token network is proposed. Etherium ERC20 token to store value and provide funding for development efforts. CollegeCampusCash (CCC) is ERC20 token ready for ICO. As a first step, the development tasks will be awarded CCC tokens using an IBO (Initial Bounty Offer) to developers and PreICO investors. CollegeTransactions cash tokens will be pegged to the fiat currency and will be in use for all college campus internal financial transactions. These tokens will be developed using TODA-Algorant protocol. Since, these tokens will not be volatile and remain pegged to fiat currency, these tokens will be well suited for financial transactions. BANCOR transaction is proposed to provide price determination for exchange between CCC and fiat. The wallet will need integration with various other third party solutions like micro lending for student loans, identity, and authentication with Aadhar UID etc.

Challenges we ran into

Need to define comprehensive system architecture Bitcoin and Etherium can not be used for college campus transactions because the transaction costs for BTC and ETH are very high. Hence selected TODA protocol. Colleges may not have reliable internet connectivity, hence should be able to run with only LAN connectivity.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Only the concept is being discussed with various stake holders and advisors. The majority have confirmed the need for such a product.

What we learned

Can not use ERC20 network for college campus transactions.

What's next for College Campus Cash

Refine pitch Detailed system design Prototype IBO planning and execution Marketing collateral and growth hacking

Built With

  • azure
  • bancor
  • etherium-erc20
  • toda-algorand
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