As a community college student, I noticed that community colleges lacked resources for students to sell or trade their textbooks efficiently with one another, forcing many to rely on the steep prices of books from the college bookstore and online. This problem motivated me to create the College BookFront website, a website that can effectively connect students with one another throughout the Bay Area community colleges. This website is specially designed to be free for any students to sell or trade their textbooks efficiently with one another on campus without any hidden fees, allowing them to effectively save money and have a more affordable education.

What it does

College BookFront is a student-run website that provides free classifieds for Bay Area* community-college students to sell, buy, or trade their textbooks to other students on multiple college campuses. No accounts or memberships are necessary when using College BookFront. Users fill out College BookFront's online form with information about the textbooks they selling or trading and how potential buyers or traders can contact them if they're interested. Once users hit submit, the form containing the information will be posted instantaneously on the Buy page or Trade page (based on user's given criteria for textbooks) for potentially interested students to look at and buy or trade.

Note: We are currently transitioning the College BookFront website from our temporary hosting to our custom, permanent one in which services are temporarily unavailable at the moment. Once the transition is done, the service will be available for all colleges in America and hopefully in the world.

How we built it

We built the website using Html5, CSS, Javascript, and Node.js. Firebase was used to serve as both our web host and server.

Challenges we ran into

There were problems connecting Firebase with the website and creating the overall frontal structure of the website .

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to transition and run our website smoothly to Firebase's hosting and database services while providing a dynamic web interface to users. We also were proud of how quickly we created the website within the time span of the hackathon.

What we learned

We learned how to create real-time database web apps using Firebase, modifying Html and Javascript code effectively, and how to retrieve and display data from Firebase.

What's next for College BookFront

We are hoping to make the website more spam proof while expanding services to more college campuses. We plan to increase its protection from security vulnerabilities and making it more easily accessible for all students. Also, we are hoping to add more features and a reward program for our users so College BookFront will serve as a valuable resource for college students. Lastly, we hope to run and manage this website for free as long as possible so future students can affordably cherish a college education.

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