Our inspiration was seeing a female waste picker carrying a wagon and going through each trash bin looking for materials to pick up.This theme has always been an issue in Brazil, since it is not unusual to see people in this condition on the streets. This hackathon was an opportunity to try and make our part to help on solving this scenario.

What it does

Collectory is a web application that allows waste pickers and those who are interested in making their part to the World, by consciously disposing their waste to connect. The waster picker can create an account and provide their phone number or e-mail contact so that they can be reached out and hired to collect different types of materials. The website also contains a points awarding tool, which can be used to recover prizes, according to how much you have recycled. The waste picker can be searched by type of materials they pick up and the city you live in, so you can find the the one nearest you.

How I built it

We developed a website using React in the frontend and NodeJS in the backend. For the database, use used SQLlite.

Challenges I ran into

None of the participants of the group had already participated in a hackathon before, so we ran into a lot of small issues during the development. For example: connection issues to the database, besides the fact that none of us had many experience with the languages we used.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud of getting to the end of this hackathon. Also, proud of the frontend design.

What I learned

We have improved a lot our programming skills and also our group work.

What's next for Collectory

In order to continue the development and make Collectory available for the public, we would like to advertise and promote so that many of the waste collectors and of the interested parties can get aware and start using it to discard their recyclable waste. A deeper research on other materials that can be collected will also be done, so that our database can approach a bigger public. It is also necessary to host our website. There will be registration points for the waste pickers to register to the application at the community centers.

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