I'm interested in building a decentralized social network. Given that 3Box provides a fast and convenient way to handle Ethereum user identities and user storage using IPFS and decentralized databases, and the 0x protocol allows users to swap NFTs with each other without having to creating separate smart contracts, combining this two tools will allow me to build a decentralized social network dapp that's both fast and reliable.

What it does

CollectorHub is a decentralized social network for non-fungible token collectors to maintain, display and swap their collectibles.

How I built it

Using 3Box's APIs to allow users to create profiles, view each other's profiles and NFT collections, comment on each other's NTFs and send swapping token requests to each others. Using 0x protocol to create NFT swapping orders, sign it with user's wallet and allow other users to fill the orders and accomplish the token swapping.

Challenges I ran into

This is a one-person team and I didn't get enough time to finish the whole project. It was a pity that I didn't get the 0x order creation and trading part done. But it should be quite straight-forward given more time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Able to use 3Box's APIs to accomplish what I try to do: creating a social network and allow users to get connected and send each other message and token swapping requests. Connecting 3Box's network features with the 0x Protocol is a great idea to create a decentralized social network that's more fun and useful.

What I learned

The Ethereum ecosystem is growing at a very fast speed. More problems are being solved now. 3Box is a very good platform!

What's next for CollectorHub

Continue building it after the hackathon is over.

Built With

  • 0x
  • 3box
  • ethereum
  • ipfs
  • vue.j
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