Hi my name is Victor Aguilar, I am an entrepreneur and web developer, for a long time I have been a leader and member of several technology and dance communities, where we have organized events and activities to generate impact in the society.

One of the recurring problems that I have observed inside the communities is that it is difficult to maintain the levels of motivation and commitment among the members since not everyone participates actively in all the activities.

By other hand, communities usually lack an effective way of recognizing and rewarding the achievements of their members, and even they lack tools that allow them to follow the trajectory and growth of their members.

This means that many members are not motivated to participate or finally they leave the community.

What it does

To solve these problems we have developed Collectives.

Collectives is a platform that serves to apply elements of the games inside the communities.

In COLLECTIVES all the members of a community have a profile with six fundamental elements used in the dynamics of games: Badges Challenges Experience Points Levels Coins and Rewards

The experience points serve the members to level up inside the community, and are also an indicator of their reputation.

COINS are virtual money that members can use to buy rewards from the community store.

To earn EXPERIENCE POINTS and COINS, community members must successfully complete the challenges raised in COLLECTIVES by community leaders.

When completing a CHALLENGE, members of the community, in addition to receiving EXPERIENCE POINTS and COINS, will receive a BADGE that indicates that the member has been complete the CHALLENGE and it can be shared on social networks.

Finally, members of the community can show in COLLECTIVES the information of the communities to which they belong and the achievements they have been achieved.

We firmly believe that the dynamics of games can help to greatly boost the commitment and motivation of the members of a community and COLLECTIVES is an ideal platform to generate these dynamics.

COLLECTIVES , Gamification tools for communities

What's next for Collectives

We will implement collectives in all communities when we are members

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