CollectiveSound is an equity crowdfunding platform for co-financing and co-producing live music events based on blockchain. But, What the heck does this mean? First, a bit of who we are and how we got here. Let’s curate the idea of Collective Sound:

  1. The music industry and the co-production of live music events:

    Live music is a healthy business and a growing industry. We plan to disrupt in a multi-billion dollar industry (25 billions) that is relatively stuck in an old business model. It is an industry with established players who individually try to control the whole business with private capital. We want to change this. We seek to open investment opportunities to the CollectiveSound community to co-produce their favourite live events and festivals, and make profits along the way.

  2. An equity crowdfunding platform for the live music event industry:

    Truth is: people deserve to own what they love. And if you love music, why can’t you own a piece of it? You can now. That is why equity crowdfunding has a bright future: 900 billion dollars by 2025. And we are disrupting in this multi-billion industry where live music events co-production has a lot to say.

  3. And then the Blockchain came along:

    Why this? Isn’t this a big fraud like Bitcoin? That’s what the news say. In Collective Sound we believe (and many others) we will not be discussing this in 5 years. Blockchain is Web 3.0. We’ll all be running on blockchain pretty soon (even if we don’t understand it, know about it or not praise for it). And with blockchain we can add to Equity crowdfunding that now People (and concert goers), who deserve to own a piece of what they love, they can also have a word on what they love. We add control. People and concert goers can have access to all this nowadays. With blockchain, we can take live music events and equity crowdfunding to the next level: 

  • Crowdfunding with no frontiers: for an industry that has remained very local. Let’s make it truly global.
  • Transparency with immutable contracts: meaning everyone owns, in a secured fashion, a piece of the Sound accordingly to what each one invests.
  • Ownership without eternal commitment: a new class of asset where people jump in and cash out very fast compared to co-funding a regular start-up.
  • Quick payments and transfers with almost no fees.
  • Descentralization and self governance: concert goers now have a vote and a word on what events will happen, where and how they will happen.
  • A Community token: Collective Sound aims to develop a community that interact within our blockchain-based ecosystem and we are issuing our own token in order to enhance these interactions: The Sound token.
  1. Who is this for?

    For today millennials (early and late millennials) and their crave for new and real experiences. We see them in three subgroups: Sound seekers (Concert goers), Sounders (Producers), Investors (Crypto and Traditional). Together we can be the true and future owners of the Sound.

What's next for Collective Sound

We are currently finishing the idea phase and focusing on the private sale, to ensure a minimum budget to be able to put together a development team that will allow us to develop a scalable, secure, multi-platform solution in which sounders from all over the world will be able to connect and invest in live events they deem interesting. A first iteration of this solution is scheduled for Q4 of 2018.

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