Inspiration -

Create a community that will help keep their surrounding free of trash.

What it does -

A picture is posted on the platform to request a clean-up. Volunteers gather for the cleaning event. Participants and the Informant receive points for their deed. As a result, the TACO database is in a constant flux of data, thus it improves in the process.

How we built it -

We used React-native with typescript to build the front-end of the application, and Node.js with typescript to build the backend. We choose MongoDB as our database, and mongoose to communicate with that database.

Challenges we ran into -

First time working in TensoFlow. Too many features for 24 hour project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of -

Functioning backend with persistent database. File upload feature. Google cloud (Google maps APIs). Cross-platform native mobile application with React-Native.

What we learned

Machine Learning, Tensor Flow, Segmentation, object calssification.

What's next for collective

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