My initial inspiration for this project was the Twitch plays pokemon series. I was always about collective intelligence in a cooperative environment, and one night I wondered if a collective group (twitch) could come up with the optimal tinder moves.

Essentially my program acts as a UI wrapper for Tinder. You need to install a android simulator (for the real time swipe effects), but it allows the chat to command tinder for things like !left (swipe left), !chat [name], to send a DM, and such.

I built this program using exclusively Python because I knew i was going to be crunched for time, and I just wanted something fast to prototype with.

Challenges: too many. This program came up a lot of unexpected issues such as state control, improper commands, future proofing, and feature implementation. It was a lot of difficult stuff, so I had to make some cuts :(

It works! Unfortunately I can only demonstrate it in a live stream context - because it's almost impossible to record on my laptop.

I learned that programming in 24 hours is extremely hard, but a lot of fun.

The final steps for this project involve revamping the code base (this code is atrocious), and adding more features ^_^

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