Collectable Quest

An awesome RPG adventure game running on Okex Blockchain!

  • Collectable Quest is an RPG adventure game built with phaser 3.
  • Collectable Quest interacts with Okex Testnet with help of Metamask.
  • First RPG game that interacts with blockchain networks


  • Showcasing RPG gameplay on blockchain using light weighted tools like phaser etc

Basic Workflow

  • Users connect their Metamask wallet with the game.
  • Users pay an amount of 10 Gold ERC20 tokens (which can be claimed by faucet).
  • Users have an HP of 100 which can be seen on the top left with the text.
  • There are lots of monsters, traps in the game which are to be avoided, users have a weapon as well (using the spacebar key will swing the hammer).
  • Enemies can be killed with a hammer and chest be collected in the game.
  • On successfully clearing the game a user is rewarded with Gold ERC20 token with the doubled amount.

Glimpse of game

Home Screen

Connect Metamask To Game


Challenges I faced

  • It was difficult to connect phaser games to speak with blockchain using web3 as phaser has issues with asynchronous requests.
  • I figured out the issue to tackle the interaction of phaser and web3 using ethers library.
  • Most of us are solidity devs we wished to do something new so building an adventure game was a curve for us.

What I learned

  • How does Okex blockchain function.
  • How to build games on Phaser.
  • Interacting with Metamask with phaser engine.


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