1. Being aware of our environment is becoming more and more important every passing day. We need solutions as soon as possible to move towards a carbon-efficient ecosystem. This project is our 2 cents towards the bigger goal of becoming carbon neutral as a planet.
  2. This will help organizations to become carbon neutral as soon as possible to accomplish the goals of The Paris Agreement. Since we are only 8 years away, this is high time we start making big efforts now.

What it does

A. From an end-user perspective, our application will focus on 3 major areas:-

  1. Generation of Carbon Credits
  2. Allow users to borrow stablecoins on the EOS network by keeping their Carbon Credits as collateral.
  3. Allow users to sell their Carbon Credits in exchange for stablecoins on the EOS network.

B. From a macroeconomic perspective, our application will focus on the following:- We, as an organization, can use the accumulated Carbon Credits from users and sell them to organizations (private companies/govt agencies/countries) that need them to offset their carbon emissions as per The Paris Agreement.

C. All these transactions will be recorded on the EOS Blockchain to benefit from the immutable, decentralized ledger technology.

What's next for Collateralized Carbon Credits Lending

  1. To add more Carbon Credit Generation mechanisms.
  2. To add Credit Rating for borrowers, which will decide the rate of interest, as well as the exchange rate.

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