Its hard and time-consuming to make a beautiful montage clip because it requires movie editing and music editing.
So, I decided to implement an app that creates good montage with right music.

What it does

  1. Shoot six seconds of fragmented videos ( This is what you do)
  2. Edits the clips to one (This is what app does)
  3. It classifies the edited clip to the one of moods (angry, sad, neutral, fear, happy) (This is what app does)
  4. It merges music and clip and that yields the beautiful montage clips (This is what app does)
  5. The montage loops and you exits ( This is what you do)

How I built it

I implemented three functionalities, interval video shooting, machine learning, and integrating music and video. For Interval video shooting, I used number of libraries such as fffmpeg to implement. For machine learning part, I used indico library to extract the facial expression information. For integrating music and video, I could not find any library, had to use a few tricks.

Challenges I ran into

I faced two main challenges, technical challenge and group work challenge. For the technical challenge, I struggled in integrating music and video. Initially, I thought I can easily integrate those two just by using two different instance of mediaPlayer. However, this is restricted by the construct so I had to use notification functionality to integrate. For the group work challenge, I had two more group members in the beginning, but people wanted to work on their homework so I had to do everything by myself.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This hackathon is the first hackathon that I worked by myself. Not only I completed the project, but also I had fun talking to people who are not part of my group.

What I learned

I learned a lot about audio and video processing on android. I also learnt a lot of new library, api, and software to work with media. I also learned the group work is really important.

What's next for collageCreater

I want to increase the music library. Also, it will be nice if we can take clips from the gallery. I am hoping to extend this project.

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