As the public we all come into contact with organizations on a daily basis but we are normally just passive entities. Even with the so called “democratic parliament” we live in we normally only get a say on a single decision every four years.

What it does and what it will do

Collactive is an app that allows organizations and citizens to make decisions better, all together.

How we built it

We created a basic scaffold for the user, organization and polls. For now, only basic CRUD operations are implemented, and user authentication is through his mobile number

Design challenges we ran into:

1. How to make it so the voices of the minorities are heard? Similarly, how to give more power to those people with domain specific knowledge when facing decisions relating to those people's fields of expertise?

Solution: Limit the amount of voting power each person has to force them to be more careful with it. Specifically each user in collactive will receive 1 vote per poll-type per organization. They may split this vote up across different polls.

2. How to grow respect for Collactive in the eyes of the public as a tool for influencing the decisions leaders are making? How to grow respect for Collactive in the eyes of the leaders as a tool capable of giving useful feedback? If we don't have one we won't have the other. How to solve this chicken and egg problem?

Solution: Collactive will initially focus on non-governmental organisations (e.g., Facebook, Aldi, Techcrunch hackathon Berlin, Collactive, etc). To start with it will provide an effective way for organizations to collect feedback from users to make better decisions and an effective way for users to vote on and prioritize decisions organizations can make better. We can initiate this by entering popular and controversial organizations (such as Facebook) and ask our friends circles to vote on these things at the same time as telling them about the future vision of Collactive.

3. How to guard against users creating multiple fake accounts to sway the vote the way they want?

Initial solution: Mobile authentication. Later solution: Passport information.

4. How to stop hackers from corrupting the ballots?

Solution: In the short term this won't be a problem, when it is we will use blockchain technology to regulate the movement of people's votes.

Coding challenges we ran into:

Time constraint!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a design that we think is a good start to the iteration process that should eventually solve this problem

What we learned

Many things about human decision making. Working in an international diverse team is interesting and fun!

What's next for Collactive

Finish the app, launch, perfect the design, grow the userbase, promo video, kickstarter campaign, get investment. Not necessarily in this order.

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